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2023 Show Schedule 


April 29

Lukacs Performance Horses


May 20

Didsbury Agricultural Grounds


June 3

Morisons Feedlot


June 24

Thorlaksons Feedlot


July 29

Didsbury Agricultural Gounds


August 12

Morisons Feedlot


September 23

Thorlaksons Feedot

REMEMBER-- You must show in 50% of the year's shows, in the same class, in order to qualify for Year End Awards!
  • All riders and owners must be members of the CACHC.  Membership must be purchased before you compete. To be eligible for awards you must be member in good standings.    

  • Entries close Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. prior to the show.

  • Payment by e-Transfer is accepted and is encouraged and must be received by Tuesday prior to the show.  e-Transfers are NOT available at the show.  Payment is accepted at the show by cheque or cash only. 

  • All late entries will be charged $20 per class and be placed at the bottom of the draw.

  • Everyone who enters and does not attend will be charged the Scratch Fee (cattle and office charges) for each class entered.  $126 for fresh cattle classes, $86 for used cattle classes, and $21 for youth cattle classes. 

  • No refunds shall be given except in the event of serious injury or illness of a horse or rider provided a written doctor or veterinarian’s certificate is presented to the CACHC prior to competition.

  • Each entry will receive an auto-response when their entry is submitted.  It is the responsibility of the contestant to report any errors or omissions immediately to the Club Secretary, in order to rectify the discrepancy before the cattle are ordered Wednesday at noon preceding the show date.

  • Contestants will pay for the entries as posted on the CACHC website.  Discrepancies should be registered with the Show Director and will be dealt with at a later time by the Board of Directors.

  • Persons who issue NSF cheques will be charged a $25.00 Service Charge in addition to any bank chargeback fees for each occurrence.

  • Alcohol is not allowed in the working or warm-up areas of the facility.

  • Unless advertised to all contestants, no practice work will take place in the cutting arena on the same day prior to the official CACHC show.

  • Draws will be posted on Friday evening, the day prior to the show.

  • A class with less than two (2) entries competing does not constitute a class and shall be canceled. Except for youth one (1) entry will be a class.

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